I started this website last May when it was clear that COVID-19 was a serious threat that would persist for a long time and require news coverage by experienced medical journalists such as myself. It’s gratifying to see how many readers are drawn to the site and I thank you for your interest.

I write most of the articles but submissions are also accepted so if you’re a healthcare provider, researcher or policy expert keen to share your expertise, do reach out.

While COVID-19 is the main topic for this website, any issue in healthcare is considered for publication as long as it adds to our collective knowledge. Article suggestions are also welcome.

As a health/medical journalist for 25 years, I’ve long had a tradition of posting an annual list of the articles that have drawn the highest metrics (readership). Here, then, are the posts that resonated the most with readers in 2020; click each title to read the piece:

  1. Downtown Vancouver field hospital ready for first patients

2.  Private mobile lab service offering COVID-19 tests

3.  25% of COVID-19 cases have been in healthcare workers

4.  COVID-19 long haulers plead for more medical attention

5.  Medical regulator shuts down private COVID tests

6.  Ribbons around a giving tree for a nurse with COVID-19

7.  Queue jumping for COVID vaccinations

8.  Gargle and spit for COVID tests

9.  15-minute-pre-flight-rapid-covid-19-testing-launches-today-in-vancouver-for-westjet-passengers/

10.  Can dogs sniff out COVID-19? Veterinarians conduct that research

11.  150% increase in COVID-19 infections among healthcare workers

12.  Filipino healthcare workers hit hard by COVID; we need to know

13.  Doodles while on Zoom; Vancouver professor shares hers

14.  Family doctors as frustrated and frazzled as their patients

15.  Married Vancouver physician leaders chat over Zoom with Rabbi

16.  COVID-19 testing before surgery

17.  Rapid testing in long term care

18.  The special exemption Dr. Bonnie Henry ordered for COVID-19 research

19.  More than 800 COVID-19 infections in healthcare workers; full breakdown here

20.  Not one passenger has gotten COVID-19 on WestJet according to airline and airport authority