The B.C. government has released photos and videos of the pivotal moments when UPS staff gingerly transferred boxes of the first shipment of Pfizer-BioNTech off a plane and into a transport freezer. And hospital staff receiving the closely guarded shipment of about 4,000 doses of the vaccine.

The images and video are chilling, and not just because of the dry ice surrounding the vaccines packed in cartons resembling pizza boxes. The vaccine is guarded by security staff and handled with extreme caution by those unpacking it.

The identity of the individuals is not disclosed but whoever they are, they will never forget these momentous events in their healthcare careers.

Two unnamed hospitals – in Vancouver and likely Surrey – will be the locale today for the first COVID-19 vaccinations, fittingly going to health-care workers who staff long-term care homes, and nurses, physicians and others who work in intensive care units, COVID-19 units and emergency departments.

Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health are now scheduling the initial vaccine appointments. Starting next week, vaccines will be delivered weekly to all health authorities.

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